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Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and Chargers

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the way products in this market have expanded / progressed over recent years your model could be classed under various different categories depending on what functions it has (ie. Satnav, PDA, Mobile Phone etc.) If you can’t see the battery / charger you require in one category please try a different section under ‘Batteries & Chargers’ on the main menu to the left or use the search function.

Mobile Phone / PDA / SatNav Chargers :

Car (Genuine)
Car + UK Mains Combo
Mains (Euro)
Mains (UK)
Mains (UK - Genuine)
Mains (US)
SatNav / GPS








Game Machine / MP3 / MP4 / MP5 / Portable Media Chargers :

Apple iPod
Sony PSP
Other MP3 / MP4 / MP5



Camcorder / Camera Chargers :

All Chargers

Laptop / Notebook Chargers :

All Chargers

Car Chargers :

Jump Starter
Solar Charger
Split Charging Kit
Trickle Charger



Mobile PDA / Smartphone Batteries (Listed by Price) :

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PDA / Smartphone Batteries (Listed Individually) :

Acer D155 D156 2300mAh
Acer E310
Acer N10 1700mAh
Acer N10 2700mAh
Acer N20 N20w 1300mAh
Acer N300 N310 N311 C510 C530 1350mAh
Acer N30 1350mAh
Acer N30 900mAh
Acer N35 N35se 1200mAh
Acer N35 N35se 1600mAh
Acer N50 N50 N50 Premum 1150mAh
Acer S10 S50 S60 1050mAh
Airboard 4000 1400mAh
Airis N509 T605 1300mAh
Airis N509 T605 1800mAh
Airis N592 1050mAh
Airis Nc05 Nc05a 1200mAh
Airis Nc05 Nc05a 1600mAh
Airis Smartphone Pda 460 463 1200mAh
Airis Smartphone T460 T461 T463 1200mAh
Airis Smartphone T470 T470i 1200mAh
Airis T430 950mAh
Airis T610 T620
Airis T900 Airis T900 Adatlap 1300mAh
Airis T920 T920e 1200mAh
Alltel Ppc6700 1500mAh
Asus Mypal A600 A600u 1700mAh
Asus Mypal A600 A600u 2700mAh
Asus Mypal A620 A620bt A620g 1600mAh
Asus Mypal A620 A620bt A620g 2200mAh
Asus Mypal A630 A632 A632n 1350mAh
Asus Mypal A635 A636 A636n 1350mAh
Asus Mypal A639 1350mAh
Asus Mypal A716 1500mAh
Asus Mypal A730 A730w 1200mAh
Asus Mypal P505 1200mAh
Asus Mypal P515 P525 P526 1450mAh
Asus Mypal P525 2900mAh
Asus Mypal P535 P735 M530w 1450mAh
At T Sx56 Pocket Pc Phone 1400mAh
At T Sx56 Pocket Pc Phone 2400mAh
Audiovox Maestro Pda 1032 1200mAh
Audiovox Maestro Pda1032s 1200mAh
Audiovox Ppc 4100 1500mAh
Audiovox Ppc5050 1700mAh
Audiovox Ppc5050 2200mAh
Audiovox Ppc 6600 6601 1500mAh
Audiovox Ppc 6600 6601 2400mAh
Audiovox Ppc6700 Vx6700 1500mAh
Audiovox Ppc6700 Vx6700 2400mAh
Audiovox Smt5600 1050mAh
Audiovox Smt5600 2200mAh
Audiovox Thera Pocket Pc 1200mAh
Audiovox Vx6600 3600mAh
Benq Siemens P50 1800mAh
Benq Siemens P50 2600mAh
Blackberry 5790 5810 5820 850 1300mAh
Blackberry 6210 6220 6230 6280 6710 900mAh
Blackberry 6720 6750 7210 7230 7250 900mAh
Blackberry 7100 7100G 7100I 7100R 900mAh
Blackberry 7100 7100T 7100R 7105T 1900mAh
Blackberry 7100I 1900mAh
Blackberry7100t 7100V 7100X 7130C 900mAh
Blackberry7130e 7130G 7130V 900mAh
Blackberry7270 900mAh
Blackberry 7280 7290 7730 7750 7780
Blackberry 7520 6510 7510 1600mAh
Blackberry 8100 8100C 8100R Pearl 1900mAh
Blackberry 8100 8100C 8100R Pearl 900mAh
Blackberry857 950 957 1300mAh
Blackberry8700 8700C 8700F 8700G 1000mAh
Blackberry 8700C 8700V 1900mAh
Blackberry 8700F 8700G 8705G 8707G 1900mAh
Blackberry8700v 8707 8707G 8700T 1000mAh
Blackberry8700x 8700R 8703E 8705G 1000mAh
Blackberry 8707V 1900mAh
Blackberry 8800 8800C 8800R 1900mAh
Blackberry 8800 8830 8800C 8800R 1400mAh
Blue Media Bm6300 Bm6300t 1250mAh
Blue Media Bm6300 Jucon 1350mAh
Blue Media Bm6300 Jucon 900mAh
Blue Media Bm6380 Bm 6280 1400mAh
Blue Media Gps 3741 Lenco 1350mAh
Blue Media Gps 3741 Lenco 900mAh
Blue Media Nav 400 1350mAh
Blue Media Nav 400 900mAh
Blue Media Pda Bm 6280 1300mAh
Blue Media Pda Pxa 255 Tmc 1300mAh
Blue Media Pda Pxa 255 Tmc 1800mAh
Blue Media Pna Bm 6400
Casio Cassiopeia Be 300 Be 500 800mAh
Casio Cassiopeia E100 E105 E500 1700mAh
Casio Cassiopeia E115 E125 1700mAh
Casio Cassiopeia E 200 E200g 1000mAh
Casio Cassiopeia E 3000 E 3073Bat 1500mAh
Casio Cassiopeia E3074lbat 1500M
Casio Cassiopeia Eg 800 1600mAh
Casio Cassiopeia Em500 Em500bu 1150mAh
Casio Cassiopeia Em500gn Em500rd 1150mAh
Casio Personal Pc It 70 It 700 1800mAh
Casio Personal Pc It 70 It 700 3600mAh
Cingular 2100 2120 2125 1050mAh
Cingular 2100 2120 2125 2200mAh
Cingular 3125 850mAh
Cingular 8100 8120 8125 8150 1250mAh
Cingular 8125 8150 2350mAh
Cingular 8125 8150 2800mAh
Cingular 8525 6500 1500mAh
Cingular 8525 6500 2400mAh
Cingular 8525 6500 More 3000mAh
Cingular Treo 650 1800mAh
Cingular Treo 650 2400mAh
Cyberbank Poz G300 1100mAh
Cyberbank Poz X301 2400mAh
Cyberbank Poz X310 1500mAh
Dallab Dp900 Xg 500P 1200mAh
Dallab Dp900 Xg 500P 2600mAh
Daxian Telecom Cu928 1500mAh
Daxian Telecom Cu928 2400mAh
Daxian Telecom Cu928 3600mAh
Dell Axim X3 X3i X30 1000mAh
Dell Axim X3 X3i X30 2000mAh
Dell Axim X50 X50v X51 X51v 1100mAh
Dell Axim X50 X50v X51 X51v 2250mAh
Dell Axim X50 X50v X51 X51v 3600mAh
Dell Axim X5 1450mAh
Dell Axim X5 3200mAh
Digiwalker 950 Pna 1050mAh
Dopod515 1150mAh
Dopod535 950mAh
Dopod565 575 577W 585 586 568W 1050mAh
Dopod565 577W 586W 2200mAh
Dopod585 2200mAh
Dopod595 1250mAh
Dopod 686 1700mAh
Dopod 686 2200mAh
Dopod 696I 696 699 1400mAh
Dopod 696I 696 699 2400mAh
Dopod 696I 696 699 3600mAh
Dopod700 1500mAh
Dopod700 2400mAh
Dopod 700 3600mAh
Dopod818 2500mAh
Dopod 818 828 828 818 Pro 830 1200mAh
Dopod 818 828 828 818 Pro 830 1500mAh
Dopod 818 Pro 830 2500mAh
Dopod828 2500mAh
Dopod838 2350mAh
Dopod838 2800mAh
Dopod 838 D600 1250mAh
Dopod 9000 Cht9000 838 Pro 1500mAh
Dopod 9000 Cht9000 838 Pro 2400mAh
Dopod900 1750mAh
Dopod 900 3150mAh
Dopod C720 C730 C720w 1050mAh
Dopod C800 C858 1500mAh
Dopod C800 C858 2400mAh
Dopod D810 Cht9100 9100 1600mAh
Dopod D810 Cht9100 9100 2400mAh
Dopod M700 P800 P800w 2400mAh
Dopod M700 P800 P800w D802 1300mAh
Dopod P100 1100mAh
Dopod Qtek 9600 More 3000mAh
Dopod S300 710 850mAh
Dopod U1000 2200mAh
Ecom 39A Ex 1700mAh
Ecom 39A Ex 2250mAh
E Plus Pda Iii 1500mAh
E Plus Pda Iii 2400mAh
E Plus Pda Iii 3600mAh
E Plus Pda Iv 1750mAh
E Plus Pda Iv 3150mAh
E Plus Pocket Pda 1250mAh
E Plus Pocket Pda 2350mAh
E Plus Pocket Pda 2800mAh
Era Mda Compact 2500mAh
Era Mda Compact Ii 1200mAh
Era Mda Compact Ii 1500mAh
Era Mda I 1700mAh
Era Mda I 2200mAh
Era Mda Ii 1400mAh
Era Mda Ii 2400mAh
Era Mda Ii 3600mAh
Era Mda Iii 1500mAh
Era Mda Iii 2400mAh
Era Mda Iii 3600mAh
Era Mda Pro 1750mAh
Era Mda Pro 3150mAh
Era Mda Vario 1250mAh
Era Mda Vario 2350mAh
Era Mda Vario 2800mAh
Eten G500 G500 1200mAh
Eten Glofiish X500 X500 M700 1530mAh
Eten Glofiish X800 1530mAh
Eten Infotouch P300 1300mAh
Eten M500 M550 M600 M600 1200mAh
Eten M700 Glofiish M700 2400mAh
Eten P300 P300b 1300mAh
Eten P600 1050mAh
Eten P603 P610 2200mAh
Eten P700 1500mAh
Eten Pnd
Eten X500 X500 Glofiish 2400mAh
Eten X500 X500 M700 X800 1530mAh
Everex E500 1300mAh
Everex Neon E900 1200mAh
Falcom Mambo 750mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 400 410 420 1250mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 600 1700mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 600 2700mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 610 610Bt 1500mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 610Bt Wlan 1500mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 700 710 1800mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 718 720 1800mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look 720Bt 728 1800mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look C550 N520c 1250mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look N100 N110 1100mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look N500 N520 1250mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look N560 C500 1250mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look N560e 1250mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look N560p N520p 1250mAh
Fujisu Siemens Look T800 T810 T830 1530mAh
Gateway 100X 1700mAh
Gateway 100X 2700mAh
Gigabyte Gsmart 1700mAh
Gigabyte Gsmart 850mAh
Gotive H42 4300mAh
Grundig Gr980 1750mAh
Grundig Gr980 3150mAh
Hip Top Danger 2 1200mAh
Hip Top Danger 3 1600mAh
Hitachi G1000 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Aero 1500 1520 1525 1530 850mAh
Hp Compaq Aero 1550 Pe2021 850mAh
Hp Compaq Aero 2100 2110 2115 2150 1350mAh
Hp Compaq Aero 2160 2180 2120 2130 1350mAh
Hp Compaq Hx2415 Hx2110 Hx2115 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Hx2750 Hx2755 Hx2410 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Hx2795 Hx2490 Hx2495 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 1900 1910 1920 1930 1000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 1937 1940 1945 1000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 3100 To 3700 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 3100 To 3700 2250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 3800 To 3900 1700mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 3800 To 3900 2250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 4100 4150 4155 4135 1200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 4300 4315 4350 4355 1560mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 4300 4315 4350 4355 3650mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 500 510 512 514 1200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5100 5150 5151 5155 1500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5100 5150 5151 5155 2400mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5100 5150 5151 5155 3000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5400 5450 5455 5500 1500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5400 5450 5455 5500 2400mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5400 5450 5455 5500 3000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5550 1500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5550 2400mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq 5550 3000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H2100 H2210 H2215 1000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H2100 H2210 H2215 2250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H2212 H2212e 1000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H4100 H4150 H4155 2250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H4135 2250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H6300 H6310 H6315 1800mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H6300 H6310 H6315 3600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H6320 H6325 1800mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H6320 H6325 3600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H6340 H6345 H6365 1800mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq H6340 H6345 H6365 3600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6500 Hw6515 2500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6500 Hw6515 A 1200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6500 Hw6515 A 1500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6515c Hw6715
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6700 Hw6900 1200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6700 Hw6900 1500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6700 Hw6900 2500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6800 Rw6828 Titanium 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6910 Hw6920
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6915 Hw6925 1200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6915 Hw6925 1500mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6920 Hw6940
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6940 Hw6515c 6715
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6945 Hw6965
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hw6945 Hw6965 Hw6910
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hx2000 Hx2100 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hx2400 Hx2700 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hx4700 Hx4715 2000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hx4700 Hx4715 3650mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hx4705 Hx4800 2000mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Hx4705 Hx4800 3650mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rw6800 Rw6815 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rw6800 Rw6815 3200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rw6818 Rw6828 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rw6818 Rw6828 Hw6800 3200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx1900 Rx1950 Rx1955 1200mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx3000 Rx3100 Rx3115 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx3000 Rx3100 Rx3115 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx3410 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx3410 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx3700 Rx3715 Rx3400 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx3700 Rx3715 Rx3400 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx4000 Rx4200 Rx4240 1250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx4000 Rx4200 Rx4240 2400mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx4540 Rx4540 Rx4545 1250mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx4540 Rx4540 Rx4545 2400mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5700 Rx5710 Rx5720 1700mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5700 Rx5710 Rx5720 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5725 Rx5730 Rx5765 1700mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5725 Rx5730 Rx5765 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5770 Rx5775 Rx5780 1700mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5770 Rx5775 Rx5780 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5900 Rx5910 Rx5915 1700mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5900 Rx5910 Rx5915 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5935 Rx5940 Rx5965 1700mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rx5935 Rx5940 Rx5965 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rz1700 Rz1710 1050mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rz1700 Rz1710 1450mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rz1715 Rz1717 1050mAh
Hp Compaq Ipaq Rz1715 Rz1717 1450mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 420 428 430 430 Se 2300mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 520 525 535 540 545 547 548 1800mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 547 548 1800mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 560 565 568 1350mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 560 565 568 2550mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 820 To 928 Internal 950mAh
Hp Compaq Jornada 920 928 External 950mAh
Hp Compaq Rx3415 Rx3417 Rx3700 Rx3710 1600mAh
Hp Compaq Rx3415 Rx3700 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Rx3710 Rx3715 2850mAh
Hp Compaq Rx3715 Hx2190 Hx2195 2790 1600mAh
Htc Alpine Mont Blanc 1400mAh
Htc Alpine Mont Blanc 2400mAh
Htc Amadeus Sonata 1050mAh
Htc Apache P4500 2400mAh
Htc Artemis 160 200 P3300 Love 1300mAh
Htc Athena 100 2200mAh
Htc Blue Angel Harrier 1500mAh
Htc Blue Angel Harrier 2400mAh
Htc Blue Angel Harrier 3600mAh
Htc Canary 1150mAh
Htc Foreseer 100 1050mAh
Htc Galaxy 1100mAh
Htc Hermes 100 160 200 1500mAh
Htc Hermes More 3000mAh
Htc Hermes Tytn 2400mAh
Htc Himalaya Alpine 3600mAh
Htc Hurricane S310 1050mAh
Htc Love 1300mAh
Htc Magician 2500mAh
Htc Magician Prophet Magician 1200mAh
Htc Magician Prophet Magician 1500mAh
Htc Mteor Breeze 100 160 1250mAh
Htc P3300 2400mAh
Htc P3300 P3350 Artemis 1300mAh
Htc P3400 Htc Gene 100
Htc P3400 P3450 Wizard 1250mAh
Htc P3600 P3400 Trinity 100 1600mAh
Htc P3600 Trinity 100 2400mAh
Htc P4350 Herald 100 Titan 1500mAh
Htc P4350 Herald 100 Titan 2400mAh
Htc P6300 Himalaya 1400mAh
Htc P6300 Himalaya 2400mAh
Htc Prophet 2500mAh
Htc Refresh Charmer 1200mAh
Htc Refresh Charmer 1500mAh
Htc Robbie Oxygen Douton 1050mAh
Htc S620 Excalibur 100 Cavalier 1050mAh
Htc S710 Vox Athena
Htc Str Trk Star Trek 100 850mAh
Htc Tanager 950mAh
Htc Tornado Noble 2200mAh
Htc Tornado Tempo 2200mAh
Htc Typhoon Feeler Tornado 1050mAh
Htc Tytn P4500 Apache 1500mAh
Htc Tytn P4500 Apache 3000mAh
Htc Universal 0mAh
Htc Universal 3150mAh
Htc Vovager 950mAh
Htc Wayllaby Space Needle 1700mAh
Htc Wayllaby Space Needle 2200mAh
Htc Wizard 100 110 200 1250mAh
Htc Wizard 100 110 200 2350mAh
Htc Wizard 100 110 200 2800mAh
Htc Wizard 2350mAh
Htc Wizard 2800mAh
Htc X7500 X7501 Advantage 2200mAh
Hyundai A100 1500mAh
Ibm C3 650mAh
Ibm Workpad 8602 20X 1600mAh
Ibm Workpad C500 8602 10U 850mAh
Ido S600 S601 S630 2400mAh
I Mate Jam 2500mAh
I Mate Jamin New Jam 2500mAh
I Mate Jam Jamin New Jam 1200mAh
I Mate Jam Jamin New Jam 1500mAh
I Mate Jaq 1500mAh
I Mate Jaq3 1300mAh
I Mate Jaq4 1700mAh
I Mate Jasjam 1500mAh
I Mate Jasjam 2400mAh
I Mate Jasjam More 3000mAh
I Mate Jasjar 1750mAh
I Mate Jasjar 3150mAh
I Mate K Jam 1250mAh
I Mate K Jam 2350mAh
I Mate K Jam 2800mAh
I Mate K Jar 1350mAh
I Mate Pda2k Evdo 1500mAh
I Mate Pda2k Evdo 2400mAh
I Mate Pda2k Evdo 3600mAh
I Mate Pda L Pdal 1100mAh
I Mate Pda N 1100mAh
I Mate Pocket Pc Pda2 1400mAh
I Mate Pocket Pc Pda2 2400mAh
I Mate Pocket Pc Pda2 3600mAh
I Mate Smartflip 850mAh
I Mate Smartphone 1150mAh
I Mate Smartphoneii 950mAh
I Mate Sp3 Spi Sp4m Sp5 Sp5m 1050mAh
I Mate Sp5 Sp5m 2200mAh
I Mate Sp Jas 1250mAh
I Mate Spl 1200mAh
I Mate Ultimate 7150 5150 1500mAh
I Mate Ultimate 9150 8150 6150 1500mAh
Inview N911 1300mAh
Krome Intellekt Iq200 950mAh
Krome Intellekt Iq700 1050mAh
Krome Intellekt Iq700 2200mAh
Krome Mega M900i
Krome Navigator F1 1400mAh
Krome Navigator F1 2400mAh
Krome Spy 1200mAh
Krome Spy 1500mAh
Kyocera 7035 7135 Cp 7135 1150mAh
Kyocera Kx1 750mAh
Kyocera Kx2 Koi 750mAh
Kyocera Kz820 Kz850 700mAh
Lenove Et180 850mAh
Lenove Et280 1200mAh
Lenove Et280 2600mAh
Lenovo Et960 1300mAh
Lenovo Et980 1200mAh
Lenovo Pb10 850mAh
Lobster 700Tv 700 Tv 1050mAh
Matsubichi Ip3230 1300mAh
Medion Md2190 Mdppc 200 1200mAh
Medion Md2910 Md7200 1050mAh
Medion Md40885 Md40600 1200mAh
Medion Md 41338 1000mAh
Medion Md41600 Md41258 1200mAh
Medion Md41600 Md4600 1200mAh
Medion Md9210 Mdpp C100 1050mAh
Medion Md95000 Md 9500 1300mAh
Medion Md95000 Md 9500 1800mAh
Medion Md95114 Pocket Pc 1050mAh
Medion Md95157 Md95243 1250mAh
Medion Md95157 Md95243 1700mAh
Medion Md95300 1250mAh
Medion Md95300 1700mAh
Medion Md96300 1200mAh
Medion Md97600 Md97610 1250mAh
Medion Mdpna100 Md95025 1500mAh
Medion Mdpna1500 Md96700 1250mAh
Medion Mdpna150 Mdpna 470 1250mAh
Medion Mdpna150 Mdpna 470 1700mAh
Medion Mdppc 100
Medion Mdppc250 1000mAh
Medion Mdppc250 Md Ppc250 1050mAh
Medion Pna100
Medion Smartphone 950mAh
Microsoft Xbox X360 1900mAh
Mitac Mio 138 268 268 Plus 269 1250mAh
Mitac Mio 168 168C 169 168Rs 1300mAh
Mitac Mio 168 168C 169 168Rs 1800mAh
Mitac Mio 269 Plus C710 C510 1250mAh
Mitac Mio 336 336Bt 338 338Bt 1050mAh
Mitac Mio 339 339Bt 1200mAh
Mitac Mio 528 529 538 1100mAh
Mitac Mio 558 Mio P4qmio558 1300mAh
Mitac Mio 728 728G 1700mAh
Mitac Mio 8380 1450mAh
Mitac Mio A200 Mio A201 Mio 180 1250mAh
Mitac Mio A500 A501
Mitac Mio A700 3000mAh
Mitac Mio A700 A701 A702 A710 1450mAh
Mitac Mio A701 3000mAh
Mitac Mio C220 C250
Mitac Mio C510e C310 C310x 1250mAh
Mitac Mio C520 C520t C700 C720 1300mAh
Mitac Mio C800 C810 1300mAh
Mitac Mio H610 1300mAh
Mitac Mio P350 P340 P550 P550m 1250mAh
Mitac Mio P350 P340 P550 P550m 1700mAh
Modeo 1050mAh
Navigon Transonic Pna 4000 1250mAh
Navigon Transonic Pna 4000 1700mAh
Navman F20 F20 Euro F30 850mAh
Navman F40 F40 Euro F50 850mAh
Navman Icn0 N60i Icn N40i 1350mAh
Navman Icn320 Icn330 Icn510 1350mAh
Navman Icn320 Icn330 Icn510 1700mAh
Navman Icn520 Icn530 Icn550 1350mAh
Navman Icn520 Icn530 Icn550 1700mAh
Navman Icn720 Icn750 Icn620 1350mAh
Navman Icn750 1700mAh
Navman Icn N20 1350mAh
Navman Pin 570 1200mAh
Navman Pin 570 F20 N20 1600mAh
Navman Pin Looxmedia 6500 1250mAh
Navman Pin Looxmedia 6500 1700mAh
Navman Pin Navpix N60i N40i 1600mAh
Navman Pin Praktiker 1250mAh
Navman Pin Praktiker 1700mAh
Navman Pocket Pin 100 300 1300mAh
Navman Pocket Pin 100 300 1800mAh
Nec Mobilepro 300E 1100mAh
Nec Mobilepro P300 1100mAh
Nintendo Gameboy Sp 900mAh
Nintendo Gam Game Boy 460mAh
Nintendo Micro Oxy 001 460mAh
Nintendo Ntr 003 Ntr 001 850mAh
Nintendo Usg 003 Gameboy 900mAh
Ntt Docomo Htc Z 1500mAh
Ntt Docomo Htc Z 2400mAh
Ntt Docomo Htc Z More 3000mAh
O2 Flame 1620mAh
O2 Flame 2000mAh
O2 X3 850mAh
O2 X4 850mAh
O2 Xda Atom Life 1600mAh
O2 Xda Atom Life 3200mAh
O2 Xda Atom Pure Exec 1600mAh
O2 Xda Atom Pure Exec 3200mAh
O2 Xda Cosmo 1050mAh
O2 Xda Exec 1750mAh
O2 Xda Exec 3150mAh
O2 Xda Graphite 1100mAh
O2 Xda I 1700mAh
O2 Xda I 2200mAh
O2 Xda Ice 950mAh
O2 Xda Iii Xda Iis 1500mAh
O2 Xda Iii Xda Iis 2400mAh
O2 Xda Iii Xda Iis 3600mAh
O2 Xda Ii Mini 2500mAh
O2 Xda Ii Mini Xda Neo Mini 1200mAh
O2 Xda Ii Mini Xda Neo Mini 1500mAh
O2 Xda Ii Xda Iii Argon 1400mAh
O2 Xda Ii Xda Iii Argon 2400mAh
O2 Xda Ii Xda Iii Argon 3600mAh
O2 Xda Mini S Mini Pro 2350mAh
O2 Xda Mini S Mini Pro 2800mAh
O2 Xda Mini S Mini Pro Nova 1250mAh
O2 Xda Neo 2500mAh
O2 Xda Orbit 1300mAh
O2 Xda Orbit 2400mAh
O2 Xda Orion Iq 2200mAh
O2 Xda Stealth 1400mAh
O2 Xda Stealth 2800mAh
O2 Xda Terra 1500mAh
O2 Xda Terra 2400mAh
O2 Xda Trion 1500mAh
O2 Xda Trion 2400mAh
O2 Xda Trion More 3000mAh
O2 Xda Xphone 950mAh
O2 Xda Xphone Ii Iim Orion Iq 1050mAh
O2 Xda Xphone Iim 2200mAh
O2 Xda Zinc 1450mAh
Opticon Phl5100 Phl5200 1500mAh
Opticon Phl5300 Phl5400 1500mAh
Orange Spv C100 C500 C500s C550 1050mAh
Orange Spv C500 2200mAh
Orange Spvc600 E650 Limited Edition 1050mAh
Orange Spv C700 1250mAh
Orange Spv E100 1150mAh
Orange Spv E200 950mAh
Orange Spv E600 1050mAh
Orange Spv F600 850mAh
Orange Spv M1000 M1500 1400mAh
Orange Spv M1000 M1500 2400mAh
Orange Spv M1000 M1500 3600mAh
Orange Spv M2000 M2500 1500mAh
Orange Spv M2000 M2500 2400mAh
Orange Spv M2000 M2500 3600mAh
Orange Spv M3000 2350mAh
Orange Spv M3000 2800mAh
Orange Spv M3000 V3000 1250mAh
Orange Spv M3100 1500mAh
Orange Spv M3100 2400mAh
Orange Spv M3100 More 3000mAh
Orange Spv M5000 1750mAh
Orange Spv M5000 3150mAh
Orange Spv M500 2500mAh
Orange Spv M500 M600 1200mAh
Orange Spv M500 M600 1500mAh
Orange Spv M600 2500mAh
Orange Spv M650 1300mAh
Orange Spv M650 2400mAh
Orange Spv M700 1600mAh
Orange Spv M700 2400mAh
Orange Spv Spv C100 1150mAh
Packard Bell Pocketgear 2030 1100mAh
Palmax Pocket Pc Z720 1300mAh
Palm I705 Tungsten C W 1700mAh
Palm I705 Tungsten C W 2700mAh
Palm Iii Iiic Iiie Iiix Iiixe Viic 1600mAh
Palm Lifedriver 1800mAh
Palm M100 M105 750mAh
Palm M130 M135 750mAh
Palm M150 M155 Zire 21 22 550mAh
Palm M515 M500 M505 1350mAh
Palm M515 M500 M505 850mAh
Palm M550 Tungsten T1 T2 T3 1100mAh
Palm M550 Tungsten T1 T2 T3 850mAh
Palm Treo 270 Treo 300 900mAh
Palm Treo 600 Treo 610 2000mAh
Palm Treo 600 Treo 610 2400mAh
Palm Treo 650 Ace 700 700P 700W 1800mAh
Palm Treo 650 Ace 700 700W 2400mAh
Palm Treo 650 Treo 700 3300mAh
Palm Treo 680 680V 720 750 750V 1200mAh
Palm Treo 680 680V 720 750V 2400mAh
Palm Treo 700V 700Wx 2400mAh
Palm Treo 700V 700Wx 800 800W 1800mAh
Palm Treo 750 Palm Lennon 2400mAh
Palm Treo 755 Treo 755P
Palm Treo 90 180 180G 650mAh
Palm Tungsten E 1400mAh
Palm Tungsten E2 1050mAh
Palm Tungsten E2 1400mAh
Palm Tungsten E 900mAh
Palm Tungsten T5 1350mAh
Palm Tungsten Tx 1150mAh
Palm Tungsten Tx 1400mAh
Palm Visor Edge 700mAh
Palm Visor Prism 1600mAh
Palm Visor Pro 1200mAh
Palm V Vx Nii Viix Le 650mAh
Palm Zire 31 71 72 72S 850mAh
Palmzire 31 Zire 71 72 72S 1100mAh
Panasonic Tunghbook 01 Cf P1 1800mAh
Pharos Ez Road Pez120 1300mAh
Pharos Traveler Gps 525 525E 525T 1100mAh
Philips Nino 300 Nino 500
Qtek 2020 2020I 2060 1400mAh
Qtek 2020 2020I 2060 2400mAh
Qtek 2020 2020I 2060 3600mAh
Qtek 7070 950mAh
Qtek 8010 1050mAh
Qtek 8060 8080 950mAh
Qtek 8300 2200mAh
Qtek 8500 8500 Pink 850mAh
Qtek 8600 1250mAh
Qtek 9000 1750mAh
Qtek 9000 3150mAh
Qtek 9090 9060 1500mAh
Qtek 9090 9060 2400mAh
Qtek 9090 9060 3600mAh
Qtek 9100 1250mAh
Qtek 9100 2350mAh
Qtek 9100 2800mAh
Qtek 9600 1500mAh
Qtek 9600 2400mAh
Qtek 9600 3000mAh
Qtek G100 1100mAh
Qtek G200 1300mAh
Qtek G200 2400mAh
Qtek S100 S110 2500mAh
Qtek S100 S110 S200 1200mAh
Qtek S100 S110 S200 1500mAh
Qtek S200 2500mAh
Rover P4 1200mAh
Rover P7 1300mAh
Rover Pc P3 1050mAh
Rover S1 P1 850mAh
Royal Linea10 800mAh
Samsung D410 850mAh
Samsung D420 1000mAh
Samsung I300 1400mAh
Samsung I300 1800mAh
Samsung I300 900mAh
Samsung I700 2200mAh
Samsungsch I730 Sgh I730 Sph M4300 1150mAh
Samsung Sph I330 1600mAh
Samsung Sph I500 1400mAh
Sendo X 1350mAh
Sfr S 300 1600mAh
Sfr S 300 2400mAh
Sharp Pv 100Tg 1200mAh
Sharp Ws004sh 1600mAh
Sharp W Zero3 Ws003sh 1600mAh
Sharp Zaurus Sl 5000 Sl 5500 900mAh
Sharp Zaurus Sl C1000 Sl C3000 2000mAh
Sharp Zaurus Sl C3100 Sl C700 2000mAh
Sharp Zaurus Sl C750 2000mAh
Siemens Sx56 1700mAh
Siemens Sx56 2200mAh
Siemens Sx66 1500mAh
Siemens Sx66 2400mAh
Siemens Sx66 3600mAh
Softbank X01ht 1500mAh
Softbank X01ht 2400mAh
Softbank X01ht More 3000mAh
Sony Clie Peg Bp500 Nx90 Nz60 Nz70 Nz80 1200mAh
Sony Clie Peg N600c N610 N610c N710 1100mAh
Sony Clie Peg N750 N750c N760 N760c 1100mAh
Sony Clie Pegn770 N770c 1100mAh
Sony Clie Peg Nr60 Nr60v Nr70 Nr70v 1200mAh
Sony Clie Peg Nr70vl Nx73v Nx80 Nx80v
Sony Clie Peg Nx60 Nx70 1200mAh
Sony Clie Peg Nz90 1200mAh
Sony Clie Pegs300 S320 S360 S500 S500c 850mAh
Sony Clie Pegsj30 Gw Sl10
Sony Clie Peg Sj30 H Sj30 Hw Sj30 U
Sony Clie Peg Sj30 Sj30g 650mAh
Sony Clie Pegsj33 Tg50 Th55
Sony Clie Peg Sjxx Sj10 Sj20 Sj22 Sj23 650mAh
Sony Clie Peg T400 T410 T415 T425 T600 850mAh
Sony Clie Pegt600c T615c T615s T620 850mAh
Sony Clie Peg T625 T625c T650 T650c T665
Sony Clie Peg T665c T675 T615
Sony Clie Pegtj25 Tj35 1350mAh
Sony Clie Pegtj25 Tj35 900mAh
Sony Clie Pegtj27 Tj37 750mAh
Sony Clie Pegux40 Ux50 850mAh
Sony Ps3 1350mAh
Sony Psp 1000G1w Psp 1000K 1800mAh
Sony Psp 1000K Psp 1000Kcw 1800mAh
Sony Psp 1000 Psp 1000G1 1800mAh
Sprint Ppc 6601 1500mAh
Sprint Ppc 6601 2400mAh
Sprint Ppc 6601 3600mAh
Sprint Ppc 6700 1500mAh
Sprint Ppc 6700 2400mAh
Tapwave Zodiac Z1 Z2 Z3 Tapwave 2000mAh
Tcm Md 7200 1050mAh
T Com Sinus Wda 1300mAh
Telefonica Tsm400 1700mAh
Telefonica Tsm400 2200mAh
Telefonica Tsm500 1400mAh
Telefonica Tsm500 2400mAh
Telefonica Tsm500 3600mAh
Telefonica Tsm520 1050mAh
T Mobile Ameo 2200mAh
T Mobile Dash Mda Mail 1050mAh
T Mobile Mda 1700mAh
T Mobile Mda 2200mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact 1200mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact 1500mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact 2500mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact Ii 1200mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact Ii 1500mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact Ii 2500mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact Iii 1300mAh
T Mobile Mda Compact Iii 2400mAh
T Mobile Mda Ii 1400mAh
T Mobile Mda Ii 2400mAh
T Mobile Mda Ii 3600mAh
T Mobile Mda Iii 1500mAh
T Mobile Mda Iii 2400mAh
T Mobile Mda Iv 4 1250mAh
T Mobile Mda Iv 4 2350mAh
T Mobile Mda Iv 4 2800mAh
T Mobile Mda Iv Mda Pro 1750mAh
T Mobile Mda Iv Mda Pro 3150mAh
T Mobile Mda Vario Ii 1500mAh
T Mobile Mda Vario Ii 2400mAh
T Mobile Mda Vario Ii More 3000mAh
T Mobile Mda Vario Mda Us 1250mAh
T Mobile Mda Vario Mda Usm 2800mAh
T Mobile Mda Vario Usm 2350mAh
T Mobile Sda Ii Music 1050mAh
T Mobile Sda Music 2200mAh
T Mobile Sda Sda Ii Sda Us 1050mAh
T Mobile Sidekick 2 Sidekick Ii 1200mAh
T Mobile Sidekick 3 Sidekick Iii 1600mAh
Torq P100 P120 N100 P100w 1200mAh
Toshiba E300 E310 E330 E335 E340 1000mAh
Toshiba E350 E355 1000mAh
Toshiba E400 E410 1000mAh
Toshiba E550g 1200mAh
Toshiba E740 E750 E755 1200mAh
Toshiba E740 E750 E755 3150mAh
Toshiba E800 E805 E808 1200mAh
Toshiba E800 E805 E808 E830 E800w 1350mAh
Toshiba Genio E500 E550 E500x 1200mAh
Toshiba Genio E570 Thera 2032 1200mAh
Toshiba Mk 11 850mAh
Toshiba Portege G500
Toshiba Portege G900
Typhoon Myguide 2500 Go 950mAh
Typhoon Myguide 3000 3010
Typhoon Myguide 3030
Typhoon Myguide 3200
Typhoon Myguide 3200 3210
Typhoon Myguide 3220 3220 Go
Typhoon Myguide 3500 1300mAh
Typhoon Myguide 3500 1800mAh
Typhoon Myguide 3600 3610 1200mAh
Typhoon Myguide 3600 3610 1600mAh
Typhoon Myguide 3620 Go 1200mAh
Typhoon Myguide 3620 Go 1600mAh
Typhoon Myguide 4000
Typhoon My Guide 4300 4000 1400mAh
Typhoon My Guide 4500 4500 1400mAh
Typhoon Myguide 5500 5500Xl 1600mAh
Typhoon Myguide 5500 5500Xl 2200mAh
Typhoon Myguide 6500 6500Xl 1300mAh
Typhoon Myguide 6500 6500Xl 1800mAh
Typhoon Myguide 7000X
Typhoon Myguide 7500
Typhoon Myguide M500 1200mAh
Typhoon Myguide Silverguide 5000
Typhoon My Phone M500 G500 1200mAh
Typhoon My Phone M600 M600 1200mAh
Ubiquio 401 1700mAh
Ubiquio 401 850mAh
Utstarcom 6700 Ppc 6700 1500mAh
Utstarcom 6700 Ppc 6700 2400mAh
Verizon Xv6600 1500mAh
Verizon Xv6600 2400mAh
Verizon Xv6600 3600mAh
Verizon Xv6700 1500mAh
Verizon Xv6700 2400mAh
Verizon Xv6800 1500mAh
Verizon Xv6800 2400mAh
Viewsonic V35 V37 1050mAh
Viewsonic V36 1200mAh
Vodafone V1210 1200mAh
Vodafone V1605 1605 Vpa 1500mAh
Vodafone V1605 1605 Vpa 2400mAh
Vodafone V1605 1605 Vpa 3000mAh
Vodafone V1640 Vpa Iv 1750mAh
Vodafone V1640 Vpa Iv 3150mAh
Vodafone Vda Music V1240 1050mAh
Vodafone Vda Music V1240 2200mAh
Vodafone Vda V1620 Vpa Iii 1500mAh
Vodafone Vda V1620 Vpa Iii 2400mAh
Vodafone Vda V1620 Vpa Iii 3600mAh
Vodafone Vda Vda Ii 1050mAh
Vodafone Vda Vda Ii 2200mAh
Vodafone Vpa 1400mAh
Vodafone Vpa 2400mAh
Vodafone Vpa 3600mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact 1200mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact 1500mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact 2500mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Gps 1600mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Gps 2400mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Ii 1250mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Ii 2350mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Ii 2800mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Iii 1500mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Iii 2400mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Iii 3000mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Iv 1500mAh
Vodafone Vpa Compact Iv 2400mAh
Voxtel Bmi071bd50 Bd50 1300mAh
Wallaby Pocket Pc Phone 1400mAh
Wallaby Pocket Pc Phone 2400mAh
Xplore G18 G88 Universum 950mAh
Yakumo 1038006 Ps1020 1350mAh
Yakumo 1038006 Ps1020 900mAh
Yakumo Alpha Gps 1200mAh
Yakumo Alpha Gps 1600mAh
Yakumo Delta 300 300Gps Gps 2L 1300mAh
Yakumo Delta 300 300Gps Gps 2L 1800mAh
Yakumo Delta 400 400Gps 1200mAh
Yakumo Delta Gps 2L 1300mAh
Yakumo Delta Gps 2L 1800mAh
Yakumo Eazygo Pna Gps Xs
Yakumo Omikron Mda 1300mAh
Yakumo Pda Deltax Gps 1250mAh
Zycast G 278 1200mAh

Game Machine / MP3 / MP4 / MP5 / Portable Media / iPod / PSP Batteries (Listed Individually) :

Aiwa Mz Ws2000 750mAh
Apple Ipod 1St / 2Nd Generation 1600mAh
Apple Ipod 1St / 2Nd Generation 2200mAh
Apple Ipod 3Rd Generation 1100mAh
Apple Ipod 3Rd Generation 550mAh
Apple Ipod 3Rd Generation 850mAh
Apple Ipod 4Th Generatio 1200mAh
Apple Ipod 4Th Generation 750mAh
Apple Ipod 4Th Generation 900mAh
Apple Ipod Mini 600mAh
Apple Ipod Mini 750mAh
Apple Ipod Nano / 2G / 4G / 400mAh
Apple Ipod Nano G2 / 6G / 8G / 550mAh
Apple Ipod Photo 4Th Generation U2 1200mAh
Apple Ipod Photo 4Th Generation U2 900mAh
Apple Ipod Photo 900mAh
Apple Ipod Shuffle 250mAh
Apple Ipod Shuffle G2 / 1G / 200mAh
Apple Ipod Video / 30G / 550mAh
Apple Ipod Video / 60G / 80G / 850mAh
Apple Ipod Video / 60G / 80G / 950mAh
Archos Av120 / Av120 / Av140 / Av300 2800mAh
Archos Av400 80G / Av480 80G / Internal / 3150mAh
Archos Av404 1800mAh
Archos Av420 / Pma4000
Archos Av500 Av530 Mobile Dvr Av500e 2600mAh
Archos Av500 / Av560 / Av5100 / Av510 /mAh
Archos Av500 Av560 Av580 Av5100 Av510mAh
Archos Av504 2600mAh
Archos Av504 5200mAh
Archos Av604 / Av604 Wifi 2600mAh
Archos Av700 / Av740 / Av760 5750mAh
Archos Av780 / Av7100 / Av700tv 5750mAh
Archos Gmini 220 / Internal / 1400mAh
Archos Gmini 400 / 402 / 402Cc / Internal / 1700mAh
Archos Gmini 500 / Gmini 530 / Gmini 560 2600mAh
Archos Gmini 500 / Gmini 530 / Gmini 560 5200mAh
Archos Gmini Xs200 Xs202 Xs202s Xs18s 1400mAh
Archos Player Gmini 120 Mp3 Pmparg120 1500mAh
Archos Pma430 / Av400 / 20G
Cowon D2 / 2G / 4G / 2300mAh
Cowon Iaudio M3 / X5 / Iaudio X5l 1100mAh
Cowon Pmp A2 / 20G / 4500mAh
Creative Divi Cam 428 Portable Mp3 Player 1050mAh
Creative Mumo Slim / Zen Xtra 500mAh
Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 1600mAh
Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen / Dap Hdd004 1400mAh
Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra / Nx 1000mAh
Creative Nomad / Nomad Muvo2 1000mAh
Creative V Plus / Dap Fl0040 650mAh
Creative Zen Micro Photo 830mAh
Creative Zen Micro / Zen Micro Photo 780mAh
Creative Zen Neeon / 2 / Dap Md0005 / 1350mAh
Creative Zen Neeon / 2 / Dap Md0005 / 850mAh
Creative Zen Protable Media Center 3750mAh
Creative Zen Sleek / Photo Dap Hdd019 1050mAh
Creative Zentouch / Dap Hd0014 1700mAh
Creative Zen Vision M / Video 1700mAh
Creative Zen Vision / Pmc Hd0002 1650mAh
Creative Zen Vision / Pmc Hd0002 3300mAh
Dell Digital Jukebox Dj / Dj 1St 2Nd / Dj 20 1050mAh
Epson P 4000 / P 4500 / P 5000 2300mAh
Gateway Dmp X20 Mp3 Player 750mAh
Gateway Jukebox 1533266 1533698
Gateway Jukebox 1533724 1533728 1533803
Govideo Pvp4040 1200mAh
Iaudio X5 / 30G / 3300mAh
Iaudio X5 / X5l / X5v / M5l / M5 / 20G / 1100mAh
Imax Magicbox Series 1350mAh
Iriver E10 / E10ct / Hdd Jukebox / Iri E10 720mAh
Iriver H10 850mAh
Iriver H110 / H120 / H140 / H320 / H340 1700mAh
Iriver H110 / H120 / H140 / H320 / H340 2200mAh
Iriver Ifp1095 850mAh
Iriver Pmp 100 / Pmp 120 / Pmp 140 2500mAh
Iriver U10 / Clix 720mAh
Iriver X20 850mAh
Jnc Multimedia Ssf M2 / Dm Tech Dm Av10 1200mAh
Jnc Ssf 70 400mAh
Jnc Ssf F5100 450mAh
Jnc Ssf M3 / 20G 1100mAh
Microsoft Zune Mp3 Player 850mAh
Nixvue Da St001a / Nv 00Sa 1400mAh
Olympus M Robe Mr 100 750mAh
Olympus M Robe Mr 500I / Mr5001 1500mAh
Packard Bell Mp3 Player Audiostar 750mAh
Panasonic Sv Sd750v / Sv Sd700 490mAh
Philips Gogear Hdd1630 / Hdd070 700mAh
Pioneer Gex Inn01 / Xm2go 2000mAh
Pogo Tech / Pogo / C71b / 019387 / 2800mAh
Rca Lyra Jukebox Rd2780 Mp3 Playmer 1100mAh
Rca Lyra Rd2825a 20Gb Jukebox 1600mAh
Rio Karma / 20Gb / 2200mAh
Rio Nitrus Mp3 Player 600mAh
Rollei Ea2020g Mp3 Player 2300mAh
Rollei Es1020gmp3 Player 2900mAh
Samsung Mp3 Player Yh 925 1100mAh
Samsung Napster Yp106g / Y910 1600mAh
Samsung Yeep Yh 820 / Mw Xsh / Yp 820 750mAh
Sandisk Sansa C200 / C240 / C250 550mAh
Sandisk Sansa E200 / E250 / E250r / E260 750mAh
Sandisk Sansa E270 / E280 750mAh
Sanyo Dy002 600mAh
Sony Hdd Photo Storage 1400mAh
Sony Hdps M1 M1 Mp3 Player 1400mAh
Sony Mz B3 Mz E3 Mz R2 2300mAh
Sony Mz R3 Mz R30 Mz R35 Mz R4 2300mAh
Sony Nw A1000 Nw A1200 650mAh
Sony Nw A2000 Series 750mAh
Sony Nw A3000 Series 850mAh
Sony Nwhd1 Mp3 Player 800mAh
Sony Nw Hd5 Nw Hd5b Nw Hd5s 980mAh
Thompson Pdp2840 Mp3 Player 1600mAh
Toshiba Pmp Gigabeat / S Mes30vw / S30 1000mAh
X Drive Mp3 Player 800mAh

Barcode / Scanner Batteries (Listed Individually) :

Fujitsu Ca05951 6216 1800mAh
Fujitsu F400 F500 1800mAh
Fujitsu Kp54003 L014 1800mAh
Hewlett Packard Photosmart C912 2000mAh
Survey Equipment 2000mAh
Symbol F5040a Aps Bcs1002 1850mAh
Symbol Mc70 3800mAh
Symbol P360 P370 1500mAh
Symbol P460 P470 1500mAh
Symbol Pdt 21 36897 02 750mAh
Symbol Pdt3100 Pdt3110 750mAh
Symbol Pdt3120 Pdt3140 750mAh
Symbol Pdt8100 1800mAh
Symbol Pdt8100 3600mAh
Symbol Pdt8100 Pdt8133 2000mAh
Symbol Pdt8137 Pdt8142 2000mAh
Symbol Pdt8146 2000mAh
Symbol Ppt2800 1800mAh
Symbol Ppt2800 3600mAh
Symbol Ppt283x Ppt284x 1800mAh
Symbol Ppt283x Ppt284x 3600mAh
Symbol Spt1740 Ppt 27Xx 1800mAh
Symbol Spt1740 Ppt 27Xx 3600mAh
Symbol Spt1800 Spt1700 1800mAh
Symbol Spt1800 Spt1700 3600mAh
Symbol Wss1000 Wss1040 1800mAh
Symbol Wss1060 Wt2280 1800mAh
Symbol Wwc1040 Wwc1049 1800mAh
Trimble 5700 Gps Receiver 2000mAh
Tsc1 Data Collector 2000mAh

Printer Batteries (Listed Individually) :

Brother Mw 100 Printer 1500mAh
Canon Bj I70 Bj I80 Bj Ip90 2300mAh
Canon Ca77590 10 8V 2300mAh
Canon Canoscan 8400F Scanner 1500mAh
Canon I70 I80 Ip90 10 8V 2300mAh
Canon Selphy Cp 100 Cp 200 1500mAh
Canon Selphy Cp 220 Cp 600 1500mAh
Canon Selphy Cp 330 Cp 300 1500mAh
Canon Selphy Cp 600 Cp 510 1500mAh
Canon Selphy Cp 710 Photo Printer 1500mAh
Citizen Cmp 10 Thermal Printer 2200mAh
Toshiba Tec B Sp2d 7.2V

GPS / SatNav Batteries (Listed Individually) :

Adapt Bt Bluetooth Bt74rgps 1000mAh
Adapt Bt Bluetooth Bt77 Receiver 1000mAh
Altina Bluetooth Gps Receiver 1000mAh
Belkin Bluetooth Gps Receiver Battery 900mAh
Bluetooth Bt77 Bt74rgps 1000mAh
Dell Bt Gps Bt 309 1350mAh
Ezgps Ps 3100 1000mAh
Fortuna Clip On Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
Garmin Gpsmap 276 276C 1250mAh
Garmin Gpsmap 296 396 496 1250mAh
Garmin Ique 3200 3600 3600A 1000mAh
Garmin Ique 3200 3600 3600A 1600mAh
Garmin Ique 3200 3600 3600A 2000mAh
Garmin Ique M3 M4 M5 1400mAh
Garmin Streetpilot C320 C340 C330 2300mAh
Garmin Streetpilot C530 I3 I5 2300mAh
Globalsat 001 450mAh
Globalsat Bt 300 Bt 308 1350mAh
Globalsat Bt300 Bt308 Bluetooth 1350mAh
Globalsat Bt 318X Bluetooth 1800mAh
Globalsat Bt 338 Bt 318 1800mAh
Globalsat Bt 359 Tr 101 950mAh
Gns 5840 5843 1800mAh
Haicom 406 C 1000mAh
Holux Gpslim236 1000mAh
Holux Gr 230 / Gr 231 Gps 900mAh
Hp Bt Gps 1350mAh
I Blue 737 1000mAh
I Trek Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
I Trek M1 Bt Gps 1000mAh
I Trek M3 Bt Gps 1800mAh
Klicktel Navigator K5 1050mAh
Leadtek 9537 Bluetooth Gps Receiver 1350mAh
Magellan Explorist 360 400 500 980780 1300mAh
Magellan Explorist 600 700 Max980780 1300mAh
Magellan Gps Companion 650mAh
Magellan Roadmate 2000 2200T 2300mAh
Magellan Roadmate 300 980829 1200mAh
Magellan Roadmate 800 860 860T 1200mAh
Nemerix Bt77 Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
Nieuw Bt77 Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
Purple Grid K2 1000mAh
Rikaline Gps 6033 6030 1000mAh
Route 66 Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
Royaltek Rbt 2010 Bt Gps 1800mAh
Sirf Iii Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
Sirf Iii High Sensitivity Bluetooth 1000mAh
Socket Communications Bluetooth Gps Receiver Battery 900mAh
Solarius Bt Gps 1000mAh
Sumvision Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh
Thuraya Hughes 7101 / 7100 1400mAh
Thuraya So 2510 So 2510 1100mAh
Tomtom Go 300 400 500 510 2300mAh
Tomtom Go 600 710 910 2300mAh
Tomtom Gps 9821X 650mAh
Tomtom One Europe / Rider 1200mAh
Tomtom One Europe / Rider 1450mAh
Xaiox Trapscout Bluetooth Gps 1000mAh

Other SatNav / GPS Batteries (Listed by Manufacturer) :

Purple Grid
Route 66















Camera / Camcorder Batteries (Listed Individually) :

Benq Dli 102 Dli102 750mAh
Benq Np 40 Np 40Dba Np 40Dca 950mAh
Canon Bp 208 Bp 208Dg 850mAh
Canon Bp 214 1400mAh
Canon Bp 2L12 Bp 2L13 Bp 2L14 Bp 2L5 1500mAh
Canon Bp 308 Bp 308B Bp 308S 850mAh
Canon Bp 310 Bp 315 1620mAh
Canon Bp 406 Bp 407 700mAh
Canon Bp 406 Bp 407 Bp 412 Bp 422 3000mAh
Canon Bp 412 Bp412 1500mAh
Canon Bp 432 Bp432 3900mAh
Canon Bp 508 Bp 511 Bp 511A 1500mAh
Canon Bp508 Bp511 Bp511a 1500mAh
Canon Bp 512 Bp 514 Bp512 1500mAh
Canon Bp 522 Bp522 3000mAh
Canon Bp 535 Bp535 4500mAh
Canon Bp 608 Bp 608A 1050mAh
Canon Bp 608 Bp 911 Bp 911K 5500mAh
Canon Bp 617 Bp617 2000mAh
Canon Bp 711 Bp 714 Bp 726 2100mAh
Canon Bp 729 Bp 818 Bp E718 2100mAh
Canon Bp 85 Bp85 4000mAh
Canon Bp 911 Bp 911K Bp 914 4000mAh
Canon Bp 911 Bp 914 Bp 915 2000mAh
Canon Bp 914 Bp 915 Bp 924 5500mAh
Canon Bp 915 Bp 924 Bp 927 4000mAh
Canon Bp 924 Bp 927 Bp 941 2000mAh
Canon Bp 927 Bp 930 Bp 930E 5500mAh
Canon Bp 930 Bp 930E 4000mAh
Canon Bp 930R Bp 941 4000mAh
Canon Bp 930R Bp 941 Bp 945 5500mAh
Canon Bp E722 Bp E77 Bp E77k 2100mAh
Canon Bp E818 Dr12 Bp 911K 2100mAh
Canon Lp E4 Lpe4 2300mAh
Canon Nb 1L Nb 1Lh Nb1lh 830mAh
Canon Nb 2L18 Bp 2L18 2000mAh
Canon Nb 2L Bp 2Lh Nb 2Lh Nb2lh 700mAh
Canon Nb 3L Nb3l 790mAh
Canon Nb 4L Nb4l 740mAh
Canon Nb 5H Nb5h 750mAh
Canon Nb 5L Nb5l 1120mAh
Canon Nb Cp1l Nb Cp2l 1200mAh
Canon Np E3 7084A001 7084A002 2000mAh
Casio Np 20 Np20dba Np20 650mAh
Casio Np 30 Np30dba Np30 1050mAh
Casio Np 40 Np 40Dba Np 40Dca 950mAh
Casio Np40 Np40dba Np40dca 950mAh
Casio Np 50 Np50 950mAh
Casio Np L7 Npl7 650mAh
Creative Np 60 Np60 1050mAh
Epson B31b173003cu Epalb2 1230mAh
Epson B32b818232 B32b818233 1400mAh
Epson B32b818242 Eu 94 Eu94 1230mAh
Epson Epalb1 Eu 85 Eu85 1400mAh
Fuji Np 100 Np100 1850mAh
Fuji Np 120 Np120 1800mAh
Fuji Np 150 Np150 1500mAh
Fuji Np 30 Np30 550mAh
Fuji Np 40 Np40 750mAh
Fuji Np 40 Np 40Dba Np 40Dca 950mAh
Fuji Np40 Np40dba Np40dca 950mAh
Fuji Np 60 Np60 1050mAh
Fuji Np 70 Np70 1150mAh
Fuji Np 80 Np80 1400mAh
Fuji Np 95 Np95 1800mAh
Hewlett Packard A1812a L1812a 1050mAh
Hewlett Packard Photosmart R07 Q2232 80001
Hitachi Bp 65H Bp L40 Bp L40a L60 4400mAh
Hitachi Bp L60a Bp L90 Bp L90a 4400mAh
Hitachi Bz Bp14s Bz Bp14sw 1440mAh
Hitachi Bz Bp14s Bz Bp14sw 2160mAh
Hitachi Bz Bp14s Bz Bp14sw 750mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp14 Dz Bp16 Dz Bp28 2200mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp14 Dz Bp16 Dz Bp28 3300mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp14s Dz Bp14sj 1440mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp14s Dz Bp14sj 2160mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp7s Dz Bp7sw 1440mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp7s Dz Bp7sw 2160mAh
Hitachi Dz Bp7s Dz Bp7sw 750mAh
Hitachi Vm Bpl13 2000mAh
Hitachi Vm Bpl27 Vm Bpl27a Bpl30 4000mAh
Idx Bp 65H E 80 E 80S 4400mAh
Ikegami Bp 65H E 80 E 80S 4400mAh
Jvc Bn V101 Bn V101e Ddnp 100 1850mAh
Jvc Bn V107 Bn V107su 820mAh
Jvc Bn V114 Bn V114b Bn V114s 1700mAh
Jvc Bn V114su Bn V114u 1700mAh
Jvc Bn V114ub Bn V114us 1700mAh
Jvc Bn V20 Bn V20u Bn V20us 2100mAh
Jvc Bn V22 Bn V22u Bn V24u 2100mAh
Jvc Bn V25 Bn V25u 2100mAh
Jvc Bn V25 Bn V25u Bn V65 4200mAh
Jvc Bn V306 Bn V306u 630mAh
Jvc Bn V312 Bn V312u 1260mAh
Jvc Bn V408 Bn V408 H Bn V408u 1100mAh
Jvc Bn V416 Bn V416 H Bn V416u 2200mAh
Jvc Bn V428 Bn V428u 3300mAh
Jvc Bn V438 Bn V438u 3300mAh
Jvc Bn V507 Bn V507u 850mAh
Jvc Bn V514 Bn V514u 1850mAh
Jvc Bn V607 Bn V607u 1300mAh
Jvc Bn V615 Bn V615u Bn V615x 2600mAh
Jvc Bn V712 Bn V712u Bn Vf714 1400mAh
Jvc Bn V812 Bn V814u 2000mAh
Jvc Bn V907 Bn V907u 950mAh
Jvc Bn V916 Bn V6 Bn V7 Bn V8 2000mAh
Jvc Bn Vf707 Bn Vf707u 700mAh
Jvc Bn Vf707us Ly34647 002B 700mAh
Jvc Bn Vf714u Bn Vf714us 1400mAh
Jvc Bn Vf733 Bn Vf733u 3300mAh
Jvc Bn Vf733us Ly34647 002B 3300mAh
Jvc Bn Vf808 Bn Vf808u 730mAh
Jvc Bn Vm200 Bn Vm200u 750mAh
Jvc Ly34647 002B 1400mAh
Kodac 4E0 111
Kodac Klic 3000 Klic3000 1400mAh
Kodac Klic 5000 Klic5000 1050mAh
Kodac Klic 5001 Klic5001 1400mAh
Kodac Klic 7000 Klic7000 730mAh
Kodac Klic 7001 Klic7001 720mAh
Kodac Klic 7002 Klic7002 600mAh
Kodac Klic 7003 Klic7003 850mAh
Kodac Klic 7005 Klic7005 750mAh
Kodac Klic 8000 Rb50 Klic8000 1600mAh
Kodac Pro14n Pro 14N 1600mAh
Konica Dr Lb1 Drlb1 1000mAh
Konica Dr Lb4 Drlb4 850mAh
Kyocera Bp 1100 Bp1100 1400mAh
Kyocera Bp 1100S Bp1100s 1100mAh
Kyocera Bp 1500S Bp1500s 1800mAh
Kyocera Bp 1600R Bp1600r 2400mAh
Kyocera Bp 760S Bp760s 600mAh
Kyocera Bp 780S Bp780s 700mAh
Kyocera Bp 800S Bp 900S Bp 1000S 1000mAh
Kyocera Bp800s Bp900s Bp1000s 1000mAh
Leica Bp Dc1 Bp Dc3 Bp Dc3 E 1500mAh
Leica Bp Dc3 J Bp Dc3 U 1500mAh
Leica Bp Dc4 Bpdc4 1150mAh
Leica Bp Dc5 E Bpdc5e 750mAh
Leica Np 80 Np80 1400mAh
Minolta Np 1 Np 1H Np1 820mAh
Minolta Np 200 Np200 750mAh
Minolta Np 400 Np400 1500mAh
Minolta Np 500 Np500 Np 600 Np600 850mAh
Minolta Np 700 Np700 650mAh
Minolta Np 800 Np800 700mAh
Minolta Np 900 Np900 600mAh
Mitsubishi Bp 1100 Bp1100 1400mAh
Nikon Dden El2 Ddenel2 1050mAh
Nikon En El10 Enel10 650mAh
Nikon En El1 Enel1 700mAh
Nikon En El2 9904 Bp Nkl2 Enel2 1050mAh
Nikon En El3e Enel3e 1500mAh
Nikon En El3 En El3a Enel3 1300mAh
Nikon En El4 En El4a Enel4 1800mAh
Nikon En El5 Cp1 Enel5 1050mAh
Nikon En El7 Enel7 1100mAh
Nikon En El8 Enel8 650mAh
Nikon En El9 Enel9 1000mAh
Olympus Bls 1 Ps Bls1 Bls1 1150mAh
Olympus Li 10B Li10b Li 12B Li12b 1090mAh
Olympus Li 20B Li20b 1050mAh
Olympus Li 30B Li30b 650mAh
Olympus Li 40B Li40b Li 42B Li42b 650mAh
Olympus Ps Blm1 Blm 1 Blm1 1500mAh
Panasonic Cga D54s Cga D54se 5400mAh
Panasonic Cga Du06 Cga Du07 750mAh
Panasonic Cga Du07a Cgr Du07 750mAh
Panasonic Cga Du12a 1B 1050mAh
Panasonic Cga Du14a Vdr M95 1440mAh
Panasonic Cga Du21a 2160mAh
Panasonic Cga S001e 1B 680mAh
Panasonic Cga S001 S001a 1B 680mAh
Panasonic Cga S002a 1B S002e 680mAh
Panasonic Cga S002 Cga S002a 680mAh
Panasonic Cga S002e 1B 680mAh
Panasonic Cga S003 Cga S003a 1B 530mAh
Panasonic Cga S003e 1B Vw Vba05 530mAh
Panasonic Cga S004 Cga S004a 1B 710mAh
Panasonic Cga S004e 1B Dmw Bcb7 710mAh
Panasonic Cga S005 Cga S005a 1B 1150mAh
Panasonic Cga S005e 1B Dmw Bcc12 1150mAh
Panasonic Cga S006 Cga S006e 1B 750mAh
Panasonic Cga S007 Cga S007a 1B 1000mAh
Panasonic Cga S007e Cgr S007e 1B 1000mAh
Panasonic Cga S101 Cga S101a 1B 700mAh
Panasonic Cga S101e 1B Cga S101se 700mAh
Panasonic Cga S301 Cga S302a 1B 1050mAh
Panasonic Cga S302e 1B Vw Vba10 1050mAh
Panasonic Cga S303 Cga S303e 760mAh
Panasonic Cga S303e 1B Vw Vbe10 760mAh
Panasonic Cgp D16s 2200mAh
Panasonic Cgp D28s 3300mAh
Panasonic Cgr D11o Cgp D07s 750mAh
Panasonic Cgr D120 Cgp D08s 1100mAh
Panasonic Cgr D210 Cgr D220 2200mAh
Panasonic Cgr D320 Vw Vbd25 3300mAh
Panasonic Cgr S001 Dmw Bca7 680mAh
Panasonic Cgr S002e Dmw Bm7 680mAh
Panasonic Cgr S006 Cgr S006a 1B 750mAh
Panasonic Cgr S006e 1B Dmw Bma7 750mAh
Panasonic Cgr S101a Dmw Bc7 700mAh
Panasonic Cgr S602 Dmw Bl14 1500mAh
Panasonic Cgr V26s Cgr V620 4000mAh
Panasonic Cgr V610 Cgr V14s 2000mAh
Panasonic Dmc Lc5 Dmc Lc40 1500mAh
Panasonic Dmw Bc14 Dmc Lc1 1500mAh
Panasonic Dmw Bcd10 1000mAh
Panasonic Dmw Bce10 Cga S008 Cga S008 1000mAh
Panasonic Hhr V20 Hhr V20a 1B 2100mAh
Panasonic Hhr V212 Nv A3 Nva3 1200mAh
Panasonic Hhr V214a K Hhr V40a 1B 4200mAh
Panasonic Hhr V214a K Pv Bp15 2100mAh
Panasonic Hhr V40 Hhr V20a 1B 4200mAh
Panasonic Nv A3 Nva3 P V211 2400mAh
Panasonic P V211 P V212 Vsb 0190 1200mAh
Panasonic P V212 Vsb 0190 Vsb 0200 2400mAh
Panasonic Pv Bp15 Pv Bp17 Vw Vbh1e 4200mAh
Panasonic Pv Bp17 Vw Vbh1e Vw Vbr1e 2100mAh
Panasonic Vbs10e Hhr V211 1200mAh
Panasonic Vbs20e Hhr V211 Hhr V212 2400mAh
Panasonic Vsb 0200 Vw Vbh10e Vw Vbs10 1200mAh
Panasonic Vw Vba20 Vw Vba21 1050mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd070 750mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd1 2000mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd120 Cga Du12 1050mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd140 Cga Du14 1440mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd210 Cga Du21 2160mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd2 Vbd3 Vbd5 4000mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbd815 6000mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbdr1 Cgr B 403 4000mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbh10e Vw Vbs10 2400mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbh2e Vw Vbr1e Vw Vbr2e 4200mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbs10e Vw Vbs20 2400mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbs10e Vw Vbs20 Vw Vbs20e 1200mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbs1 Vw Vbs1e 1200mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbs1 Vw Vbs1e Vw Vbs2 2100mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbs2 Vw Vbs2e 2400mAh
Panasonic Vw Vbs2 Vw Vbs2e 4200mAh
Panasonic W Vbs1 Vw Vbs1e 4200mAh
Pentax D Li2 Dli2 1050mAh
Pentax D Li50 Dli50 1500mAh
Pentax D Li63 Dli63 650mAh
Pentax D Li7 Dli7 1800mAh
Pentax D Li8 Dli8 750mAh
Philips Bp 65H E 80 E 80S 2000mAh
Rca Bpl30 Bpl 30 2160mAh
Rca Vm Bpl27 Vm Bpl27a 2160mAh
Ricoh Db 20 Db 20L Db20 1400mAh
Ricoh Db 30 Db30 1850mAh
Ricoh Db 40 Db40 1050mAh
Ricoh Db 43 Db43 1800mAh
Ricoh Db 60 Db60 1150mAh
Samsung B Lh73 Blh73 650mAh
Samsung Sb L0737 750mAh
Samsung Sb L0837 Sb L0837b 820mAh
Samsung Sb L1037 Sb L1137 1050mAh
Samsung Sb L110g 1300mAh
Samsung Sb L110 Sb L70 Sb L70a 1500mAh
Samsung Sb L1237 1230mAh
Samsung Sb L1437 1500mAh
Samsung Sb L160 Sb L110a 1850mAh
Samsung Sb L1674 1500mAh
Samsung Sb L1974 1900mAh
Samsung Sb L220 3000mAh
Samsung Sb L320 3700mAh
Samsung Sb L480 5500mAh
Samsung Sb Lh82 820mAh
Samsung Sb Lsm160 1600mAh
Samsung Sb Lsm320 2400mAh
Samsung Sb Lsm80 800mAh
Samsung Sb P120a 1200mAh
Samsung Sb P180a 1800mAh
Samsung Sb P240a 2400mAh
Samsung Sb P90ab Sb P90asl 1200mAh
Samsung Sb P90a Sb 90Asl 1200mAh
Samsung Slb 1137C 1100mAh
Samsung Slb 1137D 1100mAh
Sanyo Db L10 Db L10a Dbl10 1090mAh
Sanyo Db L20 Db L20a Dbl20 700mAh
Sanyo Db L30 Db L30a Dbl30 650mAh
Sanyo Db L40 Db L40a Dbl40 1200mAh
Sanyo Ur 121 Ur 121D Ur121 2000mAh
Sanyo Ur 124 Ur 124D Ur124 2000mAh
Sharp Ad Ms10bt 2400mAh
Sharp Ad S30bt Ad S31bt 1000mAh
Sharp Ad S31btx Ad T50bt Ad T51bt 1000mAh
Sharp Bt H21u Bt H21 Bth21 2700mAh
Sharp Bt H22 Bt H22u Bth22 2700mAh
Sharp Bt H32 Bt H32u Bth32 5400mAh
Sharp Bt L225 Bt L225u 1050mAh
Sharp Bt L226 Bt L226u Bt L227 1100mAh
Sharp Bt L241 Bt L241u Bt L441 2800mAh
Sharp Bt L445 Bt L445u Bt L665 2000mAh
Sharp Bt N1 Btn1 2100mAh
Sharp Hs C225 Bt L665 1050mAh
Sharp Rv 4900 Vr Blz7 Vr Blz9 1100mAh
Sony Nb 111 Nb111 2400mAh
Sony Np 33 Np 55 Np 66 2100mAh
Sony Np33 Np55 Np66 2100mAh
Sony Np 33 Np 55 Np 66 4200mAh
Sony Np33 Np55 Np66 4200mAh
Sony Np 66H Np 68 Np 77 Np 98 2100mAh
Sony Np66h Np68 Np77 Np98 2100mAh
Sony Np 66H Np 68 Np 77 Np 98 4200mAh
Sony Np66h Np68 Np77 Np98 4200mAh
Sony Np F550 Np F330 Np F570 2000mAh
Sony Np F750 Np F730 Np F770 4400mAh
Sony Np F960 Np F930 Np F970 6600mAh
Sony Np F970 B Npf970 6600mAh
Sony Np Fa50 Npfa50 680mAh
Sony Np Fa70 Npfa70 1000mAh
Sony Np Fc10 Np Fc11 650mAh
Sony Np Fe1 Npfe1 450mAh
Sony Np Ff50 Np Ff51 Np Ff51s 700mAh
Sony Np Ff70 Np Ff71 Np Ff71s 1400mAh
Sony Np Fh100 Npfh100 2200mAh
Sony Np Fh50 Np Fh60 1050mAh
Sony Npfh50 Npfh60 1050mAh
Sony Np Fh70 Npfh70 1400mAh
Sony Np Fm50 Np Fm30 Np Fm51 1300mAh
Sony Np Fm90 Np Fm91 Np Qm90 4200mAh
Sony Np Fp50 Np Fp30 Np Fp51 680mAh
Sony Np Fp70 Np Fp60 Np Fp71 1360mAh
Sony Np Fp90 Np Fp91 2460mAh
Sony Np Fr1 Npfr1 900mAh
Sony Np Fs10 Np Fs11 Np Fs12 1440mAh
Sony Np Fs20 Np Fs21 Np Fs22 2880mAh
Sony Np Ft1 Npft1 710mAh
Sony Np Qm50d Np Qm51d 1300mAh
Sony Np Qm50 Np Qm51 1300mAh
Sony Np Qm71d Np Fm71 2800mAh
Sony Np Qm71 Np Qm70 Np Fm70 2800mAh
Sony Np Qm91d Np Qm91 4200mAh
Thompson Bp 65H E 80 E 80S 4400mAh
Toshiba Gsc Bt5 1200mAh
Toshiba Mehbt4 1230mAh
Toshiba Np 100 Np100 1850mAh
Toshiba Pdr Bt1 Pdr Bt2 Pdr Bt2a 1400mAh
Toshiba Pdr Bt3 1050mAh
Toshiba Pdr Bt9 1000mAh
Yaesu Fnb 82Li 1050mAh

Other Camera / Camcorder Batteries (Listed by Manufacturer) :

Bell and Howell
Other Batteries



















Watch Batteries :
















Other Batteries :

Cordless Phones
1.2v 1450mAh Flat Prismatic
1.2v 3300mAh & 4100mAh Professional Hobby
7.2v and 9.6v RC Car






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